Metasophi currently uses cookies for strictly essential purposes, and when you ask us to ”remember you” when signing in.

This policy should be read alongside our Privacy Policy, which explains how we use personal information.

If you desire further information regarding how we use your personal information or cookies, please contact us at

1 What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or device when you surf the web. The web site then uses these files to remember your username and possibly other preferences, such as preferred language, the next time you visit.

2 Purpose of cookies

Some cookies are essential for the operation of our website. Others are only placed with your consent. We group our cookies into the below categories.

Access: we use these cookies to identify users that have already signed up or signed in during the current browser session. As these cookies are strictly necessary for you to access a more secure part of the site, we do not require your consent to use them as per EU law.

”Remember Me”: If you want our website to not require you to sign in anew every time you reopen the browser, you will need to select the ”Remember Me” box when signing in. A cookie is then placed on your computer which will allow us to remember you when you return to the website.

Functionality: We may use functionality cookies to allow us to remember your language preferences. Should we eventually use them, we will require you to give your consent when indicating your preferred language.

3 Advertising

We do not use any cookies for advertising purposes.

We also do not sell any advertising space to any third parties, who would require us to allow them to place cookies to measure how often their advertising has been shown.

4 Third party cookies on our Sites

Many sites allow third parties, such as Google, to place cookies on their website in order to better track your behaviour across time.

We don’t allow any third party to place such cookies on our website.

4.1 How to remove cookies

If you wish to remove the cookie that you agreed to place on your computer when selecting ”Remember Me” when signing in, then please log out and when logging back in, make sure that that box is not selected.

5 More information

Further information about our data processing can be found in our Privacy Policy.

6 Changes to this Cookie Policy

This policy is effective as of 15/11/2021.

Any future changes made to this cookie policy will be logged on this page. If significant changes occur, we may inform you via email.