Metasophi's Mission

Evaluate as much as possible, wherever possible.

Tony O'Connor
Founder of Metasophi
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According to data from NPD Bookscan, over 85,000 titles existed in the category of self-help alone in 2019, nearly a three-fold rise from 2013.

Many of these books make great claims about how they can change your life. But can you trust them?

Perhaps not. As soon as someone creates a product, book, or service, they may try to convince both you and themselves that it is the best thing in the world in order to sell it. There are even those who, despite knowing they cannot deliver for everyone, will continue to push their wares.

This is where Metasophi comes in. The objective is simple: evaluate as much as possible, whenever possible. Figure out what works, and for whom.

A big mission, but let's start small with the self-help and supplement market. Here the number of claims is far higher than the evidence that supports them. That can lead people not only to waste their time and money, but to miss out on something that can truly help them.

How can it be done? First of all, by providing short courses based on self-improvement techniques or individual self-blinded supplement studies. Second, by evaluating the effect of such courses on your well-being and productivity.

I hope that this will allow us to pinpoint which methods and supplements don’t work, and to draw attention to those that do.

However, it cannot be done without you. If you enroll in one of our courses, you’ll help us to help others. Together, we might be able to provide a more humane alternative to the endless stream of self-promotion which the modern capitalist world often requires of those who want to do something new.

Of course, not everything can be evaluated. But that which can be, should be.

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Tony O'Connor
Founder of Metasophi

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